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Residential Applications


Our bespoke fan coil units can be adapted to feature specific duty and noise performance according to your project requirements, and their high energy efficiency and simple controls ensure an ideal solution for residential applications, giving the end user maximum control and keeping running costs down. 

With the increasing need to incorporate comfort cooling into residential dwellings due to overheating and the effects of climate change, we can also now offer cooling-only fan coils. 


Tailored Residential Solutions

In addition to our standard product range, which addresses the normal challenges of low noise levels, energy efficiency and controllability, we can also engineer bespoke solutions to overcome the differing on-site requirements. We have provided custom solutions to overcome space constraints, access requirements and acoustic silencing. In addition, our controls options can directly interface with other products, such as underfloor heating and heat interface units.


Multiroom Fan Coils

Our patented Multiroom solution enables designers to reduce the number of units in an apartment whilst still retaining the ability to provide individual control to each room served. The obvious benefit is design flexibility and a lower capital cost for each apartment, however, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance costs are also improved.



Zeroth Energy System

For some time now, the need for new HVAC innovation that has been designed for our transforming cities has become clear. Traditional heating systems have high heat losses through their internal pipework, these losses are then being trapped inside air-tight buildings and raising temperatures of communal spaces to uncomfortable levels. 

The Zeroth Energy System has been created based on the input and requests of industry-leading developers, and is changing the way HVAC systems are included in a buildings design in multi-residential projects. 

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