Fan Coil Refurbishment


Heating, hot water and cooling systems account for around 60% of all energy consumption, which means upgrading outdated and poorly maintained HVAC systems has a huge role to play in tackling emissions, optimising efficiency and reducing operating costs. Ability offer a full fan coil refurbishment service to allow for the considerable reduction in carbon emissions from existing buildings and improved fan coil performance.

Our consultative approach to modern HVAC systems has worked so well that contractors working on major refurbishment programmes have seen running costs slashed by up to 50-80%. When coupled with the system’s extended life expectancy, the overall payback period for the investment is quicker than ever before.

How it works

Ability’s experienced service team will attend site to discuss the specific requirements of the project and will investigate the system to advise on options. An FOC report will be submitted detailing options, recommendations and provisional timescales. Once the customer’s preference is understood, a more thorough survey is undertaken with confirmed pricing and implementation schedules agreed. With flexibility being important, meeting a customer’s requirement becomes a simple process.


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The benefits of refurbishing fan coils:

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Increased efficiency for minimal cost

Refurbishing the fan coil itself reduces the impact on the building occupants by minimising the amount of work required to unlock the extensive benefits of a modern system. Also, by replacing components rather than complete units, there is rarely any need to remove large sections of ceiling.

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Savings to water treatment, installation and re-commissioning

Providing the water system is clean and fully functioning and the coil is free from damage or degradation, there is typically no need to disconnect the FCU - meaning no need to drain down the LPHW or CHW circuits. The benefits this offers are huge when considering the savings to water treatment, installation and re-commissioning.


Minimal disruption

Work is often undertaken out of hours, meaning the occupants are often unaware that the system has been upgraded. This prevents any detrimental impact to the business.

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Indoor conditions are maintained

By keeping the wider system live whilst work is in progress, indoor conditions are maintained, preventing user discomfort.


Minimal labour costs

Refurbishment time is kept to a minimum, saving labour costs.


Reduction of waste

There is a reduction of waste material, and further carbon and cost reductions associated with not needing to manufacture and transport complete new units.

Putting it into practice

We have always seen the benefit of introducing modern technology and adapting systems to offer customers the opportunity to make the most of the controllability EC fans afford. It was this that led to one of our customers replacing an AC system with EC fans within two years of commissioning. The incredibly short payback period on this project led us to focus on what could be done to enhance an existing unit rather than simply removing it.

With the biggest potential for energy saving coming from EC fans and the advances in control capabilities, Ability began working with customers on alternatives to full product replacement. This flexible approach to a specific customer requirement saw a challenging installation being viewed in a completely new way. Our experienced service team conducted a full survey on an antiquated system containing FCU’s from another manufacturer. As the chassis and coil were still sound the team recommended looking into replacing the fan and control system, rather than replacing the entire product.