Hotel and Leisure


With competition amongst providers increasing, hotels are looking for ways to improve guest comfort to increase occupancy rates. Air conditioned rooms are a popular way to provide comfortable conditions to cover the differing needs of each individual customer.


Often similar to residential applications, whereby the bulkhead spatial and access restrictions can determine the resultant unit duty and noise performance, an additional consideration is the cost of a room being unavailable due to service or maintenance work.


Bespoke Controls for Hotel Applications

The extensive range of Ability fan coil units offers some of the slimmest unit depths available with improved duty performance combined with extremely low noise levels. Utilising the market leading components ensures the reliability of our units is unsurpassed.


In addition, we can offer a range of customisable controls package that can operate as a stand-alone unit, or be linked to the wider BMS, and is simple for the guest to operate. Our latest addition is a matched pair of touchscreens, with the guest’s request for room make up or do not disturb showing neatly in the corridor.

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