Fan Coil Refurbishment. Never has the upgrading of existing fan coils been so ‘in vogue’ and so important. Refurbishment of course, usually means new fans, motors, filters and sometimes new controls, in combination with an overhaul of the heat exchange coils and chassis. The easiest way to understand why this is now a highly cost effective and very viable alternative to full fan coil replacement, is to examine the reasons that made refurbishment...

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Ability Projects Ltd (recently listed as one of the Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain) specialise in the design, manufacture and global distribution of the most energy enegy efficient fan coil unit (FCU) available. Currently, we have representation in and have exported Fan Coil Units to New Zealand, The UAE, Australia, Hong Kong and we now have manufacturers representatives in the USA, Canada.

We are one of the UK’s pre-eminent suppliers, based in a 30,000 sq ft factory in Poole on the South Coast of the UK. From here we operate a fully integrated sales, design, manufacturing and testing facility.

Fan coil units today are far removed from Fan Coils of only a few years ago. Todays modern Ability fan coil includes EC (electronically commutated) (ECM) fan / motors that can provide VAV (Variable air volume) capability, BACnet controls and ePIV (electronic pressure independant) valve sets. Like Atholl in the eighties, Ability are at at the forefront of the development of this technology, culminating in the Matrix, EVO and Slimline fan coil ranges. These 'ECO' fan-coil units benefit everyone; consultants gain flexibility, contractors save on installation time and overall capital expenditure, and building tenants save on running costs and maintenance. Traditional AC fancoils in horizontal (ceiling), vertical, cased and chassis forms are also available.

Using the very latest design and manufacturing techniques, the most recent technical innovations and an unsurpassed understanding of fan coil units and their application, Ability have produced the most epic fan coil range of innovative, energy efficient and intuitively clever fan coil units available to designers today. Industry leading Specific Fan Powers (SFP)s are, by design, a feature of all Ability's energy efficient EC fan coils, even the slimmest model at 155mm deep which is ideal for residential projects.  

Fan Coil Refurbishment is also more popular and Ability has successfully completed a number of FCU refurb projects and AC to EC upgrades.

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