Zeroth Energy System

What if there was a better way to provide heating, cooling and hot water in a modern residential and mixed-use building?  One which reflects the future of gaining compliance whilst increasing living space and addressing the issue of summertime overheating?

For those that aspire to live in a modern city apartment, an unfortunate by-product can be hot, stuffy living spaces. The complexity and cost of incorporating both heating and cooling into a building’s design typically result in a premium price tag for an apartment’s owner or tenant. Keeping a living space comfortably warm or pleasantly cool should not be seen as a luxury, but as a basic requirement for living in any modern building.

Using heat pump technology, ‘Zeroth’ is a real-world alternative to the traditional approach that not only saves energy, but also improves the comfort of a building’s occupants by significantly reducing the corridor temperatures and providing a lower cost. 

By making clever, cost effective, use of lower temperature water throughout your building, you have the assurance of well-balanced and comfortably controlled temperature within your apartment and communal areas.  


The benefits of the Zeroth Energy System include:

plant room icon

Smaller plant room, with flexibility of layout and energy sources

Efficiency icon

Significantly improved energy performance of the thermal network, up to 90% reduction in losses when compared to traditional CHP/boiler designs with heat interface units

waste heat icon

Facilitates the capture of waste heat or cool that is currently inaccessible to the majority of buildings

temperature icon

Reduced temperatures in communal spaces which can rise to in excess of 30°C in the summer with traditional CHP systems

over-heating icon

Reduced apartment overheating

two pipe network icon

Provision of both heating, hot water and cooling services via a two-pipe network


Uses conventional, familiar and readily available technologies

no refrigerant icon

No requirement for refrigerant pipework or leak detection devices

Modular Icon

Improved system redundancy, through modular design



The Zeroth Energy System uses less energy, reduces resident bills and improves comfort levels, all whilst being compliant with building regulations and engineering standards.


We have a CIBSE accredited CPD on low temperature networks that we would be happy to deliver for you. Our technical design team can also apply the solution to project plans for free so you can see the benefits for yourself.