What is HVAC?


A HVAC system provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning in residential and commercial buildings for both new build and refurbishment projects. Ability fan coils are an ideal system to do this, utilising the most energy efficient EC motor technology to adhere to even the strictest building regulations. They can also be used in conjunction with heat pumps to provide an efficient, low carbon HVAC solution.


What are Fan Coils?


Fan coil units (FCUs) are a terminal unit system comprising of one or more heating and cooling coils, a condensate tray collection and a circulating fan and filter to provide a low carbon HVAC solution with close temperature control. Fan coils can be customised to your exact room specification and the development of the Multi-Room FCU allows for a single unit to constantly evaluate and react in real time in up to five individual spaces – reducing the need for multiple units. In addition to improving the ease of specification, installation and use, tailored fan coil units also offer considerable economic benefits.

Product Range

Fan Coils

Fan Coil Units (FCUs) are an ideal HVAC solution for high rise residential and commercial spaces. They often meet and exceed the requirements of the strictest building energy standards and our development of the MultiRoom FCU allows for up to five spaces being controlled by one fan, reducing the need for additional units.

Zeroth Energy System

This system has been designed for multiple occupancy buildings and utilises a low temperature network with a refrigerant-free energy loop to provide a low carbon, sustainable HVAC solution. It tackles the overheating issues associated with traditional CHP systems while reducing resident bills and complying with the current and upcoming building regulations and engineering standards.


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems provide clean, fresh air to commercial and residential spaces whilst maintaining the indoor temperature, both reducing carbon emissions and energy usage.



Heat Pumps


Residential applications

Commercial Applications

Refurbishment Projects

Hotel and Leisure