Overview of the various types of fan coil units available

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What are the different type of fan coil units?

Fan coil units (FCUs) can be designed horizontally or vertically to suit a projects requirement. Where a horizontal solution is preferable, there are three different types of FCUs available: exposed, underfloor and mounted above a ceiling void.

All of these different models can offer a similar level of performance, providing heating,  heating and cooling, or cooling only. Therefore specification, in most cases, comes down to the design requirements and ensuring thermal demands are met.

Fan coils mounted above a ceiling void

Ideal for new build developments or as a retrofit solution where the units need to (or can be) installed in the ceiling void. Concealing fan coil units allows them to work slightly harder per unit than their exposed alternative. This is due to acoustics buffering from the ceiling layers which act as insulation, reducing noise levels in the occupied areas below. 

Exposed fan coils

Popular in design lead spaces looking to achieve an industrial feel within offices, restaurants or reception areas. Exposed fan coil design is driven by the unit’s appearance and performance, which need to align with the aesthetics of interior space. Another factor when exposing fan coils is acoustics. When you remove the ceiling there is no longer additional insulation to buffer any noise produced.  This means you may need to choose larger units working at a lower rate to achieve the required demands without disrupting occupants.


Fan coil units, underfloor

A solution specifically where wall and ceiling space are limited, for example by glazed facades, or where the interior design dictates radiators are not a desirable solution. Underfloor fan coils assist in combatting drafts and solar gains. They are the ideal partner for underfloor heating to deliver comfort cooling to interior spaces.

Fan coil units offer a flexible and effective solution to meet demands in all types of building applications, delivering a comfortable indoor environment for occupants. They can be controlled centrally or on a room by room basis.

To find out more about the range of fan coil solutions we offer or to discuss a project you are working on in more detail please contact our team of experts who will be happy to help.

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