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The birth of the smart, air-conditioned environment


Ability discuss the genesis of Ability and the important role it has played in the development of the market for Fan Coil Units…

Ability Projects ‘opened its doors for business’ as a private company in January 2001. The turning point came in 2003, although we didn’t fully realise it at the time. The fan and motor set we had been using in our products in its AC form (Alternating current) became available in EC/DC form (Direct Current), a far more energy efficient format. 

Even at that time, we could see in the distance a trend towards more energy efficient products.

Using this foresight, the decision was made to develop a new fan coil range utilising this new motor, so that when the ‘tide turned’, we would be standing ready. This is exactly what happened - while all the other manufacturers adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach Ability had efficient products designed, tested and understood, when in 2006/7 the energy efficiency of all building services came under the spotlight.

The head start we created is what kept Ability at the forefront of all fan coil development ever since. Whilst other manufacturers are getting to grips with what we are selling today, we continue to work on the products that will be the norm’ tomorrow. 

No longer are fan coils purely just a functional device, they are now an intelligent, interactive and crucial part of any air-conditioned environment keeping them as one of the favoured solutions in the UK construction arena.