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Ability Projects are here to supply you with fan coil units

22nd Oct 2020
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Which fan coil is the best fan coil solution?

8th Apr 2020
Which is the best fan coil solution?

The best fan coil solution doesn’t really come down to which fan coil unit is most powerful or the smallest, but rather which is best suited for the design and Read more

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Why specify a chilled fan coil system against a refrigerant alternative

8th Apr 2020
Why select a chilled water fan coil system over a refrigerant based system?

When considering a chilled water fan coil solution or a refrigerant-based system, there are some key factors which will Read more

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Overview of the various types of fan coil units available

8th Apr 2020
What are the different type of fan coil units?

Fan coil units (FCUs) can be designed horizontally or vertically to suit a projects requirement. Where a horizontal solution is preferable, there are Read more

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How do I know what size fan coil I need?

7th Apr 2020
How do I know what size fan coil I need?

Calculating what size fan coil unit you need requires various design factors to be taken into consideration. These consist of building orientation, Read more