This year was a little different... The Pie & Pint has traditionally been a showcase of the latest and greatest that Ability have to offer. However, given the number of game-changing developments currently in progress, we’re going to hold a bigger event in 2018 to present this next generation of Fan Coil Units and Control systems.

The exact dates will be posted as soon as they are known...

World Projects

Project Contracting

Ability's smallest contracts will be for spare items at around £25. Conversely, Ability's largest contracts will be over £1,000,000 - contracts of any size (but particularly the large ones) require a dedicated and skilled contract department - Ability has just this level of expertise.

Once an order has been placed, the sales teams take more of a back seat and contracts step in. This is because the skills required to handle a successful contract are distinctly different from the skills that were needed to select and sell the project in the first place. At a fundamental level, a contract requires a special kind of individual with a attention for detail.

Your assigned contracts engineer will ensure that the technical specifications and schedules are complete and correct, they will arrange your delivery dates with production and they will ensure, on your behalf, that every aspect of your project goes as smoothly as it can.