This year was a little different... The Pie & Pint has traditionally been a showcase of the latest and greatest that Ability have to offer. However, given the number of game-changing developments currently in progress, we’re going to hold a bigger event in 2018 to present this next generation of Fan Coil Units and Control systems.

The exact dates will be posted as soon as they are known...

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Our Delta Control Partners


Ability Projects can provide specialist controls guidance from project conception and specification through to delivery.

Ability is a Delta Controls Partner and the Matrix package relies upon a number of control items from the extensive Delta range. As an official partner, Ability is also able to draw on the wealth of experience within Delta’s own development teams. They bring the tools which in combination with Ability’s understanding of fan coil systems and our controls departments expertise in efficient programming provides the most robust hardware and software control solutions. Ability ‘Off the shelf’ strategies already include 99.9% of the features you are likely to want or need. The standard integrated strategy was designed with most features already included and these are simply enabled or disabled as required. These features include unoccupied setbacks, variable fan speeds, time scheduling, logging capabilities and remote access functions.

Ability’s ‘Frontline’ Controller, the DAC-11146E The DAC-1146 is a fully programmable, Native BACnet™ Advanced Application Controller that can communicate on an RS-485 or Ethernet LAN using the BACnet MS/TP protocol . The DAC-1146(E) is designed for a wide-range of applications that have medium local I/O requirements. It also supports BACstats and other Delta LINKnet devices.

Ability FCU Award Delta Montreal

Award presented in Oct 2013 for business with Delta exceeding $1,000,000


Delta Awards

Abilitys Delta Sustainability Award -

Sustainability Award Ability

#1 Worldwide Sales Award 2013 - Presented in Barcelona June 2013

Ability #1 Sales Award