This year was a little different... The Pie & Pint has traditionally been a showcase of the latest and greatest that Ability have to offer. However, given the number of game-changing developments currently in progress, we’re going to hold a bigger event in 2018 to present this next generation of Fan Coil Units and Control systems.

The exact dates will be posted as soon as they are known...

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Matrix, fan coil styled products are the most flexible solution. Physically and individually Matrix will fit most commercial spaces and as a system will evolve as the building progresses through its working life. 

Energy Effective  - Matrix was developed to minimise energy usage by applying intuitive control regimes to provide a comfortable working environment whilst keeping consumption to an absolute minimum. 

Most projects are sized to allow for the hottest day in any summer and the coldest day in any winter, however, the reality is that these conditions only ever exist for a very small fraction of any year. So Matrix uses a combination of defined guidelines, real time environmental feedback and user / occupier inputs to decide the most comfortable but cost effective response. 

Installation - Matrix units set their own air volumes, balance their own air flows and help set their own water flow rates. All the relevant information is pre-loaded at the factory to reduce site commissioning time. Commissioning with Matrix is more a checking process rather than a setting process. 

Matrix reports back to the owners any amount of useful information. IP or Ethernet connectivity mean that there is no real practical (or cost) limit to the amount of information that can be seen, interrogated and used on a real time basis. 

Occupancy, set points, current air volumes, current water flow rates, even energy usage all become useful outputs that can influence the way people see their environment and how they then interact with it.  

Matrix itself uses this information to make informed decisions. If a meeting room is under utilised or empty, Matrix will fall into a standby mode saving energy. If a Matrix unit finds itself struggling it can self compensate and correct the situation, again without human intervention. 

All Matrix settings are user definable, enabling the building to evolve as time passes.

Regulations may change, the style of usage may change or even the climate may change but Matrix will allow you to make whatever updates you feel are appropriate.


Commissioning benefits from the same ‘hands off’ approach. While any conventional site will be a hive of frenetic activity as it approaches handover, Matrix units can be commissioned remotely and with little or no impact either on, or from other trades. 

Matrix units can be asked to collect and transmit any number of commissioning related data logs. These logs can then be used to confirm that any building meets the original specified objectives and if it does not, Matrix can be remotely adjusted to effect the desired result.


How? - Every Matrix design value, every strategy routine, every reading, every reaction are all remotely accessible and remotely adjustable. Through either the BMS or the software tools provided, a single Matrix unit, a group of Matrix units or a whole building can be instructed to subtly change or to completely reconfigure.

No longer is ‘out of hours working’ necessary to make physical adjustments, Matrix can be instructed at anytime and without any physical contact with the unit being necessary.

Soft Landings - Furthermore, Soft Landed Commissioning is not only becoming more desirable, Matrix now makes it practical. No longer is handover a transient moment in time, it can now be a period through which the clients witness first hand that the system they have purchased, does indeed, meet their expectations.

Servicing - Advanced Matrix units have the capability to send an ‘Alarm’ if a filter is getting dirty or a fan has failed. So maintenance need no longer be routine, servicing can be demand driven cutting down needless occupier disruption and expense.

BACnet protocol - All Matrix products utilise the native BACnet protocol. Therefore Matrix will interface with any other BACnet equipment from any manufacturer.

This leaves the developer, the occupant, the designer or the installer free to select all the other BACnet equipment and any BACnet support they need from any of their preferred BACnet suppliers.