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If there ever is an issue with a hotel room, it almost always centres on the air conditioning.  How often is it said that, ‘the room was so hot’, the guest ‘couldn’t bear the noise’ or ‘it just doesn’t work’.  The fact is however, that for a small investment the Matrix units can solve all of the guest’s air conditioning needs, eradicate related complaints, reduce energy bills and give any hotel chain a real ‘ECO Message’.

The controllability of Matrix gives any guest the flexibility to have the unit set at whatever condition and at whatever fan speed (translated as noise level) they require. As Matrix EC fans are infinitely fan speed controllable, this avoids the three set speeds common to many hotel units, ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ which more descriptively might be better called; ‘Ineffective’, ‘Bearable’ and ‘Torture’.

Employing an intelligent fan speed control strategy reduces electrical consumption considerably.  Such a strategy might afford the guest the satisfaction of turning the unit fan speed up for a while to have it then self correct to a more reasonable, and efficient, speed after a pre determined time.

One popular Ability strategy - Once the Matrix has been activated, the fan speed tracks a speed profile that changes as the day progresses removing the need for frequent adjustments by the occupants. This can also be influenced by the booking system, occupancy sensing and or window switches.

Timely servicing in a hotel environment is important. Matrix units have the capability to send a message to the desk if a filter is getting dirty, or a fan has failed or a unit is struggling to keep the temperature in check. This means that rooms are only serviced when necessary but are nonetheless kept in peak condition. So the hotel owner (or franchisee) now has a lower energy bill, happier customers with fewer complaints and disputes at checkout. Matrix for hotels is a:- 

             Win for the owner / operator,

                  Win for the guest,

                      Win for the environment.

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