This year was a little different... The Pie & Pint has traditionally been a showcase of the latest and greatest that Ability have to offer. However, given the number of game-changing developments currently in progress, we’re going to hold a bigger event in 2018 to present this next generation of Fan Coil Units and Control systems.

The exact dates will be posted as soon as they are known...

World Projects

Masdar City Campus 1A and 1B

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi is portrayed as a sustainable, zero carbon, zero waste city which relies entirely on solar and other renewable sources. Abilty Projects have supplied over 1300 Matrix EC-DC units with exceptionally low specific fan powers. The units were selected by the Consultant to meet the demanding energy savings, whilst still achieving high duty performance. Our UAE representative, Critical Airflow, liaised with the Consultant and Ability, to develop a superbly flexible control philosphy. Critical Airflow, being based in the UAE are on hand to support the product ongoing.

The Delta Presidents Award shown was for the Masdar Project.

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