Yes, the annual Ability Pie and Pint event starts today / 23rd & 24th Nov

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Ability Service and Maintenance

Ability maintains a service and maintenance team who perform three roles.

Firstly, they help our customers get current projects to completion. This might involve repairing damage, reconfiguring fan coils or even a bit of 'On Site' training.

Secondly, they offer maintenance contracts on all our projects. This can be as involved or as superficial as you need depending upon the use of the building in question.

Last but by no means least is a Fan Coil Refurbishment service. This can give a new lease of life to any number of fan coils even if they are not of our original manufacture. This refurbishment service can include an upgrade from AC to EC motor technology and even full replacement of any control system to a far more modern BACnet networked system.

To review our refurbishment service, follow this link