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Ability Patent for Matrix Fan Coil Technology

Ability Matrix is a patented method of balancing the airflow across any number of discharge ducts supplying air from a fan coil unit.

This method relies upon an internal, mechanical subdivision of the unit itself in combination with the individual speed controlling of the fans in the unit.   With each fan supplying one duct alone, air volume can be controlled through fan speed alone rather than a mechanical damper (throttle) like a VCD (Volume Control Damper).  This reduces static resistances,  noise regeneration,  energy consumption,  installation cost,  installation time and commissioning time - Win Win Win !!

Ability conceived the Matrix Fan Coil in 2004, worked on wording the patent through 2005 and submitted the patent to the patent office in Feb 2006. The patent was granted in 2011.

While the patent is the cornerstone of every Matrix Fan Coil, it is Ability's control strategy advancements that make every unit we supply really perform.

Fan Coil Patent Ability

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Patent Number 2 433 586