This year was a little different... The Pie & Pint has traditionally been a showcase of the latest and greatest that Ability have to offer. However, given the number of game-changing developments currently in progress, we’re going to hold a bigger event in 2018 to present this next generation of Fan Coil Units and Control systems.

The exact dates will be posted as soon as they are known...

World Projects

Ability Offer an Alternative to Refrigerants for Smaller Projects

An innovative ‘Mini BMS Package’ that allows individually owned and franchised operations such as shops, bars and restaurants within large multi-retail complexes to fully control their own air conditioning independently of the main shopping centre system.

The self-contained package comprises a full colour 7in touch screen display unit which is in fact both the user interface and the ‘Mini Head End’; networking aside nothing else is required other than the fan coils themselves incorporating their own terminal control device. The display / control unit can be wall or panel mounted and therefore occupies little room which can often be at a premium in such operations.

Mini BMS Graphics Screen  

 BMS Home Button       BMS Alarm Button       BMS Graphic Button       BMS Settings Button      BMS Temp Button      bms config button      bms trend button

Press any button to see the way each sub screen looks and the features it has available on it.

All illustrations in this section are actual screen shots from Ability's own air conditioning system installed in the Poole office. While there are probably far too many parameters for a normal, commercial system, the illustration does show what can be done.

Notice the Specific Fan Power is 0.116W/(l/s).

In this example the total power being consumed by the whole unit, controls/transformers and fans, is 45.2 Watts but the power being consumed by the fans alone is 12.2W. Therefore, 12.2W / 105 l/s = 0.116 W(l/s)

Once purchased, most often the display screen / controller is tailored to present the customers corporate theme. Sub screens show the fan coils themselves, the various setting options and the ‘real time’ operational conditions. These features, common to most BMS systems can be complimented by occupancy monitoring and time scheduling. All features are simple in operation allowing the outlet Manager to control and adjust the timing of, and the conditions within their own outlet. This is very important when stores often have variable opening hours depending on the season, sales, stock taking etc, also, where room use is very variable such as in stock rooms or staff rooms.

The whole system constitutes the touch screen ‘Head End and the fan coils connected by ‘CAT 5’ cabling and an Ethernet Switch, which can be generally purchased at most high street electrical stores. Configured on a native BACnet IP network ensures the system is simple to install and that the network is robust and very fast in operation.

The first such stand-alone package has already been supplied by Ability in a retail clothing outlet in a Stratford multi-store complex in which chilled water was supplied from the store’s central plant to around 15 Ability Matrix II 4-pipe fan coil units located throughout the shop and it’s ‘back of house’ areas. Being Matrix II fan coils removed the need for the fan coils to be conventionally balanced for both water and air flow speeding, and simplifying the installation considerably. Other projects in the pipeline include ‘Airside ‘ outlets in Heathrow and Gatwick.