This year was a little different... The Pie & Pint has traditionally been a showcase of the latest and greatest that Ability have to offer. However, given the number of game-changing developments currently in progress, we’re going to hold a bigger event in 2018 to present this next generation of Fan Coil Units and Control systems.

The exact dates will be posted as soon as they are known...

World Projects

The Ability Manufacturing Facility

The Ability factory is a 30,000 sq. ft. facility specially configured for fan coil production. Because Ability controls its fan coil design and manufacture from beginning to end, control is tight and costs are kept low. With Ability therefore, you not only get the best products but they are often also the most cost effective and quickest to site.

Factory #1 houses all our heavy machinery which processes all our metalwork from raw sheet steel to finished article.

Factory #2 houses the whole assembly process including the following sub assembly sections:

  • Insulation cutting and processing
  • Electrical assembly and controls assembly
  • Valve assembly and valve assembly testing
  • Fan and motor loom sub assembly
  • Two main fan coil assembly lines
  • Final testing and inspection
  • Wrapping and despatch

Ability holds considerable stocks of coils, fans and controls as can be seen from the photos above. This allows us to react quickly to quicker lead time projects, even those that are relatively technically complex.

Deliveries of as little as three weeks are possible if all the details and schedules are confirmed at order placement, 4-6 week however is more normal, even for fairly large quantities.